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At both its most basic and most intricate levels, Manifessence is all about "manifesting essence" - making evident an inner nature.

How do you see it?

February 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Is it as it was seen?

Is it how someone wants you to see it?

Does it matter much if it strikes a cord with you, as to why it looks the way it does, or how it go to the state it's in? Some schools of thought will tell you it's all about results, what's the finished product, cut to the chase. Other orders will maintain that it's not the journey but the destination. It depends on your audience, as to whether they're product-focused, process-focused, or if they're able to appreciate a little of both, as to the response you'll get. Ultimately, it's the choice of any given participant in the viewing exchange to determine their position, artist included.

Here's one more shot from a recent hike. What does it say to you?

To me it says, it was a beautiful day.


No Tripod? Go Abstract!

January 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
I went out for another night shoot, however, forgot that I had taken my tripod out of the trunk of my car... and while my friend offered to let me use hers, I decided to go free-hand and take liberties with the rules. As a result we have a watercolor effect and a wild light show!

A lot of fun, making lemonade from lemons if you will...


Let That Go!

January 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
While my first love is Art Photography that calls me into nature and treasure hunts of sorts, the human form is it's own artful endeavor. A colleague asked if I would photograph models for her aesthetician portfolio, showcasing her bridal make-up. At first I thought "I don't do portraits." And then, I let that go.



I was given a "look & feel" to work with, and a general location that worked logistically for the group. Researching the area for gardens, I selected a flowery trove and scheduled the shoot.


Admittedly nervous at first, after a few test shots it was like sinking into a forgotten rhythm. A learning experience, a bit of a stretch, a good time had by all, and ultimately results to be proud of.

Once Masked

January 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
I never know what I'll find when I go out to shoot, and it never ceases to amaze me where I'll find "art." 

I came across a yard that had been turned into an unofficial walk-through exhibit.  Each corner had some collected treasures or personally significant objects, placed together to form "pieces".

Above, a "wheel" with a medallion center, reclaimed wood and metal spokes, offset with an aging plaster mask. 

The mask removed, no longer needed, the woman behind it is now rolling into her new future.


Lost Boys

January 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
The indomitable spirit of youth endures, even on days when we feel it the least. Witnessing it outside of ourselves, brings it back to life within us. Like a shock to the spiritual heart, the flat-line beeps once, then again, returning to the rhythm that is our individual beat on Life's Path.
It just so happened recently that my path crossed this band of boys. One challenging the wild surf with dauntless resolve. Younger friends split between joining his stand or running for their lives. As with most groups, regardless of age, there exists at least one to document, one to observe.

Watching these boys reminded me of the forces of nature as related to the choices of free will, to align with or oppose; to actively participate or receptively witness; to feel youthful or old. The choices of our lives shape our responses to the forces around us, and thereby shape the way our spirit manifests in the world.

Where does a person choose to stand their ground, whether for good cause or pure pride? When does a person decide to join with a group, or make their own way? How do we consciously design the process of becoming the best of ourselves?

In embracing the spirits of both youth and maturity, in embodying both the forces of alignment and opposition, intuiting whether to participate actively or through observation leads the way from the wholeness of a balanced centerpoint. Moving from center of ourselves counterbalances the outer forces we contort ourselves around.

Our youthful spirit lives in conjunction with our ever-aging physical hearts, and the choices in our ageless minds to intentionally engage. Our life paths traverse inward and outward between worldly reality and the stories we tell ourselves.

The "Lost Boys of Neverland" live to tell another tale, of crashing waves and grand adventures, and I a tale of youth enduring and life unfolding.
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