Manifessence: Manifesting Essence of Place and Feeling through Word and Image

Hear the word “Magnificent” and you’ve got the sound of “Manifessence” .

At both its most basic and most intricate levels, Manifessence is all about manifesting essence - making evident an inner nature. Whether that‘s in accordance with our signature line “Manifesting Essence of Place and Feelings through Word and Image”, or if it’s in reference to aligning the vehicle of yourself in this world with you larger Self’s Highest Good, Manifessence is a place for seekers, explorers and pilgrims alike.

Place and Feeling could be outer or inner, objective or subjective, product or process. There are places we go in the external world in our daily routines (work, school, home, grocery store), and there are places we go internally in a daily way as well (confidence, dismay, joy, outrage). These internal places might be feelings we experience (we go to a place of joy and feel what it’s like to be there). We also feel the places outside of us (home can be a relaxing, loving, safe sanctuary to some, and a frightening, empty, hurtful nightmare to others).

As the saying goes, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” and what those words are depends on who’s viewing the picture and from what Place they are viewing from. The perspective of the photographer and the participating observer are the Places where meaning take shape, and in those places where feelings arise. It is in the constellating archetypes that the micro-cosmic essence of our selves connects with the macro-cosmic consciousness of the whole.