Escape the Will-Power Trap

Free7 Secrets to Doubling Your Energy & Getting Your Life Back is a free ebook available here

Manifessence Art Photography

A kaleidoscope of images from nature, objects found, and works commissioned.

It's ALL About the Belly

From cravings to choices, from dives to five stars, where the brain & belly speak food harmony & discord.

You Are Whole Perfect & Complete

An anthology of women's stories of Life as Spiritual Journey.  Available in print or ebook at

       Manifesting Place & Feeling       Through Word & Image

Reflections on Life's Journey & Random Encounters

The Little Yellow Stove

A cookbook, and so much more. This creation speaks to nourishment in relationship to food and community. Tentatively scheduled for publication in 2025.

The Transformative Practice of Choice

Tentatively scheduled for publication in 2024, is about choice-making as a conscious practice to create your future based on what you choose today.  

Life Imitating Art?

An interactive forum for the play of perspective on reality.

Integrative Wellness

A life-long commitment to personal evolution via education, and practice in body-mind-spirit modalities.